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"Vagabond Dreamer" is the B-side off Stratosfear Recordings’ second release with The Interest Group, a project which began as a recording partnership between its founding songwriters/producers, Marissa Lesnick and Yohsuke Araki in fall of 2011. While the musical style is malleable, the songs are still tied together by their voice, production technique, and sensibilities grounded in and around pop music. In their polarized aesthetics converge; equal parts grandiose pop of the 60’s and introverted sonic soundscapes of the 70’s onward. 


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Solar Year “Night & Day” (A)

Solar Year “Magic Idea” (B)

Focusing on the 7” format, Stratosfear is dedicated to finding and supporting young, emerging musical talents from all over the planet. It is set to be a label for adventurous, edgy, and challenging music that is as distinctly ’pop’ as it is ‘underground’ or ‘leftfield’, just like most of the things that you find on No Fear Of Pop, one of the most respected contemporary music blogs. 

Stratosfear is:

Tonje Thilesen
Henning Lahmann

Visuals: Tonje Thilesen
Logo: Michaela Selmani

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